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We often hear people say, Never give up. These can be encouraging words and words of determination. A person who believes in them will keep trying to reach his goal no matter how many times he fails. Benjamin Franklin once said,Great works are performed not by strength,but by perseverance.From the remark,we can infer that,of all the advantageous characteristics,perseverance plays a crucial role in ones success.Remember that year, I bought a bike,but I cant ride a bike! Mom seems to understand my thoughts, gently to me: tomorrow Ill show you to your square, teach you to ride a bicycle. Good! Im happy to reply.The next morning, my mother and I went to the square. Mother let me push this bike, and look for the feeling, I he to not boring to walk cycles. Fifteen minutes passed, and my feet really acid! I want to back down. Well, learn the bike how so difficult, it is better not learn! At this time, my mother said to me : well, quite good! Listened to mothers words, my heart is light suddenly full of confidence. Mother then began to lecture, learning bicycle, the most important thing is to keep the car balance, otherwise the car like a no head of flies, left, right. Didnt walk a few steps, I already fell off. My knees hurt, out of the red blood, looking at this bright red blood, I cant help but shed a hot tears, his mouth still keeps saying: I dont learn, I dont learn! After listening to his mother, to longly say to me: do what matter as long as perseverance, perseverance, perseverance will be successful. Like what you do is always fall by the wayside, how can success? Listen to the mothers teachings I he the confidence again, two days before, I had learned to ride a bicycle, but most importantly, I learned to insist www.028ch.cn I see them as my motto, adhere to is victory let it remind me to do anything as long as perseverance, perseverance, perseverance will be successful.Nothing can be more exciting than success to a man.But you must face many difficulties before you can succeed. No one can make it easily.And its harder for those who are in adverse conditions to succeed.However,everything has two sides.Just as someone said, in every adversity there lies the seed of an advantage and in every defeat there is a lesson showing you how to win the victory next time.The most important focus is to establish a brief, that is perseverance.The British ex-prime minister Winston Churchill had a motto of Never, never, never, never give up .Nothing can substitute for hard work. Life is a process of struggle for success.关于不放弃的英文演讲稿

Nothing is difficult if you put your heart into it. Nothing is easy if you dont try your best.We often hear people say, Never give up. A person who believes in these words will keep trying to pursue his goal no matter how many times he fails. In my opinion, the quality of determination to succeed is an important one to he. Therefore, I believe that we should never give www.028ch.cn reason is that if we give up easily, we will achieve nothing. It is not unusual for us to fail in our first attempt at something new, so we should not feel discouraged. Besides, if we always give up when fail happens, we will can not develop new skills. Finally, we should never give up because as we work to reach our goals, we develop confidence, and this confidence can help us succeed in other areas of our lives.Probably the greatest example of persistence is Abraham Lincoln. Born into poverty, Lincoln was faced with defeat throughout his life. He lost eight elections, twice failed in business and suffered a nervous breakdown. He could he quit many times - but he didnt and because he didnt quit, he became one of the greatest presidents in the history of America.Lincoln was a champion For the reason that ---he ,never ge www.028ch.cn short, no matter you succeed or not, you can learn something, no matter what we learn will help us to bee more confident. If we give up, we he no chance to make our dreams e true, if we keep trying, there is always a chance, that we will succeed one day. Thank you very much!


good afternoon, my dear teachers and friends,

suppose you are in a dark ce alone now. maybe you can not find any hope, you are trembling and frightened. what will you do? what will you say? will you give up? no we should not give up. we should try our best to find hope. so today, i am honored to stand here to share my opinion with you---- lets say no to give up.even now i can still see a very special picture in my mind now. i was taking part in the 800-meter race. to be honest, it was not hard at first. i felt energetic and confident. we were all pushing on to the finishing line. one minute, two minutes, terrible!~ one of the athletes was half the lap ahead of me. so tired and worried i was that my feet could not move any further. give up? a low voice came from the bottom of my heart. at the same time i could feel something shining. my friends and even my mom and dad were watching and shouting so loud, e on! never give up! strangely, my body kept going. anyhow i would finish the petition. and i made it.what about you? when meeting any difficulty, you can not even see any hope at that moment, will you give up? no, lets say no to give up.thank you!


假设你是在黑暗的洞穴单独现在。也许你找不到任何希望,你是颤抖和害怕。你会做什么?你说什么?你会放弃? 没有我们不应该放弃。我们应该尽力去寻找希望。因此,今天,我很荣幸能站在这里,分享我的意见与你----让我们说不放弃。

即使是现在我仍然可以看到一个非常特别的图片在我的脑海现在。我参加800米比赛。老实说,这不是第一次努力。我觉得活力和自信。我们都推到终点。一分钟,两分钟, ...可怕! 12316;一个运动员是一半圈在我前面。如此疲惫和担心我,我的脚,也没有任何进一步。 放弃? 低声来自内心的深处。与此同时,我能感觉到的东西光辉。我的朋友,甚至我的爸爸妈妈看,并大声呼喊,以便, 加油!永不放弃! 奇怪的是,我的身体继续前进。反正我要完成比赛。和我做了它。




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